Posters - Rest of the world(i.e. not Liverpool)


These posters are souvenirs from my travels, mainly Barcelona, Granada, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Lisbon & Napoli. Some are actual posters & others just photos. I've used the actual posters to decorate my house

If you haven't been to these places, the posters & the various graffiti sections on this website will give you a taste for what awaits you, outside the usual stuff you'll find on tourism websites

If you have been there, all of this will no doubt remind you of your experience there, as a Basque friend who lived for years in Barcelona kindly remarked about my Barcelona graffiti pages

The rest of my graffiti sections are divided into specific cities, whereas these posters are mixed together, as they are in my house. And my Liverpool posters are here

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