Graffiti - Google-mapping

Since my latest major updates to my Graffiti galleries I've noticed the importance of Google Maps since I first started off


I started updating these galleries in Jan '12 & couldn't remember the name of a couple of the streets where I took photos. So I went on Google Maps. I zoomed in & saw the streets with the graffiti. I was so tickled that I took some screenprints & made animations of them (click on each to visit their pages)

But it was different graffiti! The google images predated my visit & my photos & the graffiti had been changed in the meantime. And another street showed graffiti that I know has been removed

I've since google-mapped other areas I've been to.  In Granada, near streets where I've got galleries of my photos (Caidero & Vistillas) I've seen more streets I didn't go down that are full of graffiti I haven't seen

Using Google Maps, not only could you plan a visit to a city based on graffiti you've google-mapped, but you needn't travel at all. You could do it all from your computer in your own home. How weird is that!

If I'd known about Google Maps years ago when I started photograffing graphiti, would I have bothered?

But there is at least some graffiti in my galleries that you can't google-map - the streets were so narrow that the google van man couldn't go down them. Ha ha!